Agency Fees

Relocation service

This service is invoiced from 2400€ TTC (Welcome to France package). Options are not included in the package and are billed separately.

Property sale service

The fees applicable in Paris and Ile de France are 5% of the purchase price, if higher than 600 000€.

The fees applicable to France (except Ile de France) are 6% of the purchase price, if higher than 500 000€ and 7% if lower than 499 000€.

In France, the fees are payable by the buyer.

Property search service

The property search service is invoiced at 3% of the purchase price, including tax. This search service is invoiced monthly, at a rate of 1200€ TTC.

Furnished rental search service is invoiced at 15% of the total rent excluding charges if the duration is equal to or greater than 6 months and 25% of the total rent if the duration is less than 6 months.

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